2015 Berlin Raceway 4-Cylinder Rules

Updates Highlighted in Red

1. Any American made(GM ,Ford ,Chrysler Product and or Honda and Toyota) Four Cylinder Front or Rear wheel drive cars, except the following: No Convertibles, Camaros, Vans, No Two Seat Coupes, No Turbo or Super Charged Engines, No Multi Carburetors, No Rotary Engines, No Mid or Rear Engine Cars, and No Cosworth Engines.Factory Stock Fuel injection only. All Cars must have Vores style Restrictor (1 1/2” ID) installed within 8” of Throttle Body opening. Racers may have there own but will be checked with a gauge. Restrictors will be available at Track as well.
2. Wheelbase must be stock/original dimensions 1/4” tolerance: Rear Control Arms must be stock length and in stock location (hence no dog tracking)
3. Complete stock body - front to rear, including stock frame, stock suspension, stock front & rear firewalls, etc. No aftermarket springs or shocks. All trunks & hoods will have working stock hinges. Hoods & trunks must be secured with hood pins only - remove all factory hood & trunk latches. Bumpers should be chained or strapped to frame. All holes in firewalls or floor must be covered with metal. Steering and suspension must be stock - no modifications. Caster or camber is allowed on right front only. Shock towers must not be altered.
4. Pedals must be stock. No Mirrors. All cars must start with a key, or use a push button/toggle switch. The vinyl cover on the dash may be removed.
5. Lexan windshield and or 3 welded bars. All loose glass must be vacuumed out of the car. Wheel weights allowed on inside only; must be securely fastened, taped and glued.
6. All insulation and upholstery under the hood, on the floor, and in the interior of the car must be removed. All headlights, taillights, loose chrome, etc. must be removed from the car.
7. Stock transmission for that make & model car.
8. Battery may be relocated, strapped securely, and covered..
9. No antifreeze may be used.
10. Gas tank - If the stock gas tank is located ahead of the rear axle, it may remain in place. Any tank behind the rear end must be replaced & relocated in the trunk. Use a small fuel cell (8 gal or smaller) or a boat gas tank. Fuel cell or boat gas tank will be mounted in the farthest forward area of the trunk, securely fastened with at least 4 straps. Rear firewall must be enclosed if the gas tank is placed in the trunk.
11. Tires & wheels - Stock wheels for that make & model car. Right Front Safety wheel mandatory – Right Rear suggested. All wheels will be a maximum of 7” wide. All Tires and Wheels will be the same size and profile on all 4 corners.
12. Offset Safety Wheels may only be run on Right Side, Left Side may be aftermarket but no more than 4” offset. If stock left side is used a 1” wheel spacer may be added to equal out to the 1 “ difference in wheels.
13. Soaking of tires is not allowed. If you are caught, it will result in an 8-race suspension.
14. Hoosier Racing Tire allowed on the Right Front & Right Rear only, but NOT required. May purchase 1 every other week, and be purchased from track.
15. The Hoosier tire for 2015 is 790
15. Dash bar is required; no off-set roll cages.
16. Bar to support radiator allowed.
17. Front hoops allowed. May not remove any stock frame. May not hang suspension parts from hoop.
18. Front shock towers must be supported from the tower to the roll cage using a minimum of 1 ½ inch .083 tubing.
19. Safety Requirements - Please refer to Berlin Raceway General Racing Rules, Section 8 (Safety). All general safety rules apply to 4-cylinder division.
A. Full cage required: four post from inner rocker to inner rocker. Full halo overhead required. Minimum four door bars on left side and two on right side. Plating over left side door bard required - 1/8" minimum steel. Bottom of the roll cage must be boxed (connect the four corners of the cage).
B . No removing of any interior metal inner body panels, except for clearance for driver's side door bars. This will be enforced.
C. A racing seat, mounted to the roll cage, is mandatory. D. Lead may be added to the cars to center/right side of car only. Diagram for right side weight location.
D. Rear Bars - We are allowing the placement of two rear bars, solely for the purpose of safety. Maximum of any tubing size will be 1 3/4" round, there will be no 3" or 4" channel. The rear bars may extend rear-ward from the top of the cage behind the driver, angling down towards the rear of the trunk area. We suggest having a piece of tubing welded flat on the trunk floor, back near the kick-up of the very rear of the trunk area. This is the material that your two rear bars will attach to. No bars of any kind will extend out through the rear of your trunk area; any bars out past this point will need to be cut out before racing. You may have one "X" in between your two diagonal bars or you may have one horizontal bar going between your two bars; nothing more than that.

20. Motor & Computer Claim Rule: Berlin Raceway and drivers reserve the right to claim any 4-Cylinder motor and computer for $700. Claim must be made on race night. Refusal to accept claim will result in all points and monies to be forfeited, and car and driver will not be allowed to compete for eight consecutive races. Penalty can carry over to next season. This rule exists to ensure that car costs continue to stay affordable. Berlin Raceway is not responsible for engine pulling, the driver/team is.When claiming a Motor the claimer must have same engine in their car.
21. Right Front Safety wheel mandatory – Right Rear suggested.
22. Camber: Only Right Sides may be cambered. RF= No limit RR= 1”, measured with carpenter’s square on widest point of tire (bottom to top) (We will watch this change the first practice sessions to assure equal and safe)
23. Quick release steering allowed.
24. Car ride height must be minimum 6” without driver at LOWEST point. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED ON A WEEKLY BASIS.
25. Head rests mandatory.
26. Raceceivers are mandatory.
27. Round roll bars are mandatory.
28. Roll bar padding mandatory in driver compartment.
29. Min. Weight is 2400lbs..
30. Any weight that needs to be added must be added to the center or right side of car with a minimum of two ½ inch bolts. No car can have more than 54% left side weight, with no added weight allowed.
31. Stock shocks only and 1 per wheel
32. Suspension limiters not allowed. (Bump stops, chains, etc..)
33. Skid plate under gas tank Mandatory
34. No Adding of Alum/Metal material to interiors for any type of Aero enhancement. Must remain Stock appearing (Boxed in behind seat is ok. In the event that this gets out of hand we will eliminate it)
35. Max total of 4 Spring Rubbers is allowed
36. Once cars have passed tech, they must immediately line up in make ready shoot for qualifying. They can not go back to their pit.
37. Qualifying times will be recorded during divisions practice session
38. No Locked Differentials
FINAL NOTE: For the 2015 Season the 4 Cylinder Division will have a “Drivers Tech” where you the drivers will be Tech-ing each others cars. Berlin Raceway ultimately has the final decision on all participants and decisions. Please read all the rules and build your car accordingly.












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