Brian Campbell wins the ASA Midwest Tour
Samantha Jansen, Adam Chase and Scott Root also win

Marne, MI – The weather at Berlin Raceway started out picture-perfect, but just before qualifying was set to begin, the rains moved in. After a delay, the track was dried in time for pre-race ceremonies, ASA qualifying and a specialty race featuring the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show.

Once feature racing began, the Vintage Racing Organization of America was up for a 25-lap feature; #74 Steve Fuller and #81 Andrew Bartoszek were on the front row. Before a lap was completed, an engine let go, causing a three-car pileup coming out of turn 4 involving Fuller, #30 Max Wirebaugh and #20 Don Deyman. Bartoszek took off with the lead and four laps in, the battle for second was heating up between #47 Larry Mollohan, #7 Jimmy Lawson and #16 Samantha Jansen. Jansen passed them both on the outside using a lapped car. Mollohan and Lawson made contact both made heavy contact with the turn 4 wall; both drivers were OK. When the race was restarted, it was shortened to 10 laps and it was Jansen who took the lead. She held on to it for the remainder of the laps and took the win. The rest of the top ten were Bartoszek, Fuller, #43 Terry Byrne, #59 John Evans, #42 Michael Becker, #4 Don Smith, #4X Arnie Snyder, #83 Loren Peterson and #61 Mike Dea.

The 30-lap Model Coverall Modifieds were up next, #76 Ryan Gruppen and #8 Billy Eppink led the field to the green flag. Gruppen maintained the lead and it was #7 Ryan Hamm who was quick to challenge Eppink for the second spot and he took it on lap 3. Eppink then fell in to the clutches of a hard-charging #66 Adam Chase who passed Eppink for third on lap 7. Hamm was slowly reeling in Gruppen as Chase was also closing in on the leaders. The race heated up with about seven laps to go, the leaders closed up on each other and with five to go, Hamm was side by side with Gruppen and took the lead. As soon as Hamm had the lead, Chase pulled to his inside and with two laps to go, Chase took the lead. Chase was able to pull away from the field and get his first win of the season. Hamm finished second and the rest of the top ten were Eppink, Gruppen, #22 Billy Shotko, #68 Randy DeBoer, #67 Ben Welch, #29 Rob Shoemaker and #48 Brandon Wright.

The ASA Midwest Tour Port City Racecars 100-lap feature was the next event: #91 Ty Majeski and #77 Jonathan Eilen were on the front row. Majeski took off with the lead and the top 8 and the rest of the field were stacked up two by two. The #72 Jacob Goede had been reeling in Majeski and took the lead on lap 14; behind them #52 and Eilen were battling it out for third. The first caution of the race came out on lap 21, the #23 of Jason Weinkauf made contact with #55 of Dave Lake, causing a spin. After the restart, the car to watch was the #12 of Tim DeVos. He was rocketing to the front using the high side, showing #5 Alec Carll and #20 Brian Campbell with him. On lap 38, DeVos took the lead and continued to drive away until caution on lap 43 when #84 Jay Niewiek spun and hit the turn four tires. There was a two-car break away once the field was restarted. By half-way Carll was cutting in to DeVos’ lead with heavy traffic in sight. Since they were mired in traffic, this let #20 Brian Campbell catch up to make a three-car battle for the lead on lap 70. Carll was fighting hard to get around DeVos, on lap 73, the split a lapped car and Carll lost some ground. With 25 laps to go, the top three were nose to tail and within five laps, it was Campbell who was in front of the field. Once Campbell took the lead, he drove away from the field. With six laps to go, it was #21 Terry VanHaitsma who was up to second and charging though the pack. There just wasn’t enough time to catch up. Campbell scored the win and the rest of the top ten were VanHaitsma, Carll, DeVos, #53 Boris Jurkovic, #22 Nick Panitzke, #99 Jordan Dahlke, #89 Matt Tifft, #39 Andrew Morrissey and #78 Skylar Holzhausen.

The Kerkstra Services Sportsman rolled next with #77 Gerry Shepard and #9 Tyler Sterken on the front row for their 25-lap feature. Just as the leaders were taking the green flag, Sterken’s car turned in front of the field, hitting the wall and sliding back down the track, hitting the #84 of Tyler Nawrocki. Once clean-up was done, the field was reset and #33 Allen Davis moved up to start next to Shepard and the pair raced side by side for the lead. Davis took it on lap 5 and brought the #15 of Scott Root with him. Root grabbed the lead from Davis on lap 6 with #88 Tony Davis and #1 Randy Veldman giving chase. On lap 10, T. Davis was all over the back of Root and four laps later he was able to get a nose under Root, but unable to pull even with him. T. Davis then tried the high lane and it looked to work better for him, however, it left the inside lane open for #1 Randy Veldman and #76 Brian Tillema. With five to go, the top four were two by two and there were all pretty evenly matched. At the end of the race, it was Root who took the checkers. Veldman grabbed second while Tillema and T. Davis raced hard until the end for third. The two made contact and Davis got the worse end of the deal sustaining the most damage. Tillema took third and the rest of the top ten were T. Davis, A. Davis, Shepard, #40 Dave Cutler, #26 Brian Thome, #17 Jared Miller and #18 Mitch Meppelink.

The Engine Pro Super Stocks were scheduled to run last, but the skies opened up and the rain came back, forcing the end of the evening.

Next Saturday, June 9 is the Rowdy Warm-Up featuring the Coors Light Super Late Models, Kerkstra Services Sportsman, Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders and the Vintage Racing Organization of America. Tickets are $12 for adults, kids 11 and under get in for free and racing starts at 7:00 p.m.

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