Steve Needles victorious in Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Models feature
-Seth Moody, Adam Chase, Scott Root and Billy Eppink also win-

Marne, MI – It was a beautiful night for racing, the card was stacked and crowd on hand was treated to an exciting night of racing on Napa Filters Racing VROA Modified night.

The night was kicked off with the Engine Pro Super Stock 30-lap feature that was rained out from June 1. Nate Walton in the #66 and #48 Seth Moody started on the front row. Moody grabbed the lead after a few laps and the racing was pretty tame considering that this division would be racing a second feature later in the evening. By lap 12, Moody had stretched his lead to over two seconds. With 10 laps to go, #76 Brian Tillema and #20J Jeremy Munniksma had a spirited battle going on for fourth which Tillema took on lap 22. Nobody had anything for Moody, though. He went on to get the win by 4.594 seconds and the rest of the top ten were Walton, #78 Will Olmsted, Tillema, Munniksma, #21 Tyler Rycenga, #77 Andrew Nylaan, #67 Ben Welch, #55 Dave Lake and #20 Dave Hull.

After the make-up race was done, it was on to the nights’ events. The next feature on the track was the 25-lap Model Coverall Modifieds with #66 Adam Chase and #7 Ryan Hamm on the front row. Chase maintained the first position with Hamm behind him, but it was the #22 of Billy Shotko who was on the move, taking second from Hamm on lap 4 and setting his sights on the leader. Chase was able to maintain the lead by almost a full second and lapped traffic help in stretching out Chase’s lead. Shoko had company for second with 3 to go in the form of #97 Kevin DeGood; DeGood took the position, but there was not enough time to catch Chase. Chase took the win and the rest of the top ten were DeGood, Shotko, #8 Billy Eppink, Hamm, #68 Randy DeBoer, #76 Ryan Gruppen, #88 Tony Davis, #16 Kris Fewless and #21 Cal Castle.

Up next were the Napa Filters Racing VROA Modifieds, #30 Todd Cowan and #83 Loren Peterson led the field to the green flag, but it was #74 Steve Fuller who grabbed the lead early and the field jockeyed for position behind him. With the field racing close, the first caution came out on lap 4 when Peterson spun and that collected #7 Jimmy Lawson, #59 John Evans and #82 Rob Parker. As the field was restated, the caution was quickly out again when the #2 of Randy Pierson spun on the backstretch. The field got a clean restart and the #80 of Billy Eppink was quick to get side by side with Fuller, Eppink took the lead on lap 8 and brought #84 Andrew Bartoszek with him. Lurking in fourth was #20 Don Deyman who had been steadily working his way to the front since the drop of the green flag. On lap 12, he was battle with #21 Tom Boorsma who was trying to take second away from Bartoszek and this let Eppink slip away. Deyman took second with 10 laps to go, but he had to make up 2 seconds to catch up to Eppink. While he was able to chip away at the lead, it was just too much to make up in the amount of laps that remained. Eppink scored the trophy and the rest of the top ten were Deyman, Bartoszek, Boorsma, Parker, Lawson, Fuller, #4 Don Smith, #42 Terry Byrne and #55 Jeff Barsen.

The Engine Pro Super Stocks were back on the track for their second 30-lap feature of the night and this time is was #77 Andrew Nylaan on the pole with #21 Tyler Rycenga on his outside. Nylaan and Rycenga had a great battle for the lead from the start and with five laps on the board; Nylaan was able to clear Rycenga for the lead. Just a few laps later, Rycenga was trying to look under him, got side by side and the pair raced that way for 3 laps before Rycenga had the advantage and cleared him for the lead on lap 13. The #78 of Will Olmsted was in third and was working over Nylaan for second, #48 Seth Moody was just behind them. Olmsted took second on lap 16 and then began to reel in Rycenga who was just over a half of a second ahead. With 10 laps to go, Olmsted drew even with Rycenga and took the lead for a lap, but Moody, who was giving Olmsted chase for second, entered the picture and Rycenga was able to reclaim the lead. Moody took second from Olmsted with 5 to go and when he tried to get to Rycenga’s inside, Rycenga closed the door. With 3 laps to go, Moody took the lead and started to pull away from the field and victorious for the second time in the same night. Rycenga would have to settle for second and the rest of the top ten were Nylaan, Olmsted, #20J Jeremy Munniksma, Walton, #76 Brian Tillema, #55 Dave Lake, #67 Ben Welch and #20 Dave Hull.

Next up was the 25-lap Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman feature, #51 Shawn Simon and #1219 Matt VanHorssen led the field to the stripe. Before a lap was complete, there was already trouble on the backstretch when the #1 of Randy Veldman went around. The second attempt for the start was a success and it was Simon leading the field. The first battle for position was for fourth between Veldman, #26 Brian Thome, #15 Scott Root and #33 Allen Davis. Veldman was the first to break out of that pack and started to go to work on #11 Tim Stuart for third. Once he passed Stuart, it was on to the #89 of Kirk Meissner for second. Thome was holding strong after getting some damage from the first caution of the race and Root was just behind them. Lap 14 saw the next yellow when #50 Bill Funk spun on the frontstretch. This would bunch the cars back up and make things interesting for the final 11 laps. It was Meissner who grabbed the lead on the restart and Root was able to take second as Veldman and Simon were battling for third. With 4 laps to go, Root took the lead from Meissner and was able to pull away as Simon, Meissner, Thome, Veldman and Davis raced hard behind him. Root took the win and the rest of the top ten were Meissner, Simon, Veldman, Thome, Davis, #17 Jared Miller, #9 Tyler Sterken, Stuart and #84 Steve Thompson.

The final race of the night featured the 60-lap Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Models, #9 Mike Root and #21 Terry VanHaitsma were on the front row. Before a lap was complete, the caution was out; #40 Jamison Russell had spun in turn 1. VanHaitsma took off with the lead and as the field was coming around to complete lap 2, the second caution was out; #6 Dave Zagaiski spun on the backstretch and he collected #15 Brian Maxim. VanHaitsma got a good restart, but with #32 Ross Meeuwsen on his outside, he lost the lead the next time by. VanHaitsma didn’t let Meeuwsen get too far away, on lap 12 VanHaitsma grabbed the high side and took the lead back. The rest of the field seemed to be settling in as they had 48 laps to go. Lap 15 saw the third caution when debris was spotted. VanHaitsma got a great restart resumed the race as the leader with Meeuwsen close behind. At the halfway point, the leaders had caught the tail end of the field and began putting cars a lap down. Lap 37 saw the fourth caution of the race when #61 Tim DeVos made contact with #24 Lee VanDyk causing them both to spin on the backstretch. Just as the field was getting wound back up, the fifth caution came out involving DeVos and #88 Trever McCoy. The restart was not accepted and the yellow came back out and the #8 of Phil Bozell and #16 Kris Fewless ended up in the turn 3 wall. VanHaitsma had the lead after the restart and the only car on the track at that point that was not single file was DeVos who was in a hurry to make his way through the field after being involved in two cautions. With 15 laps to go, Meeuwsen was gaining on VanHaitsma, continuing their intense battle for the lead all night long. Lap 49 saw caution number seven when Meeuwsen make contact with VanHaitsma resulting in VanHaitsma spinning in turn 3; this handed the lead to #14 Steve Needles. Needles took off, being trailed by #82 Tom Thomas. The remainder of the race went on without incident and it was Needles taking the checkered flag. T. Thomas, #28 Scott Thomas, DeVos, Meeuwsen, #10 Johnny Benson, Root, #83 Andy Bozell, #4T Adam Terry and #33 Monte Tolan completed the top ten.

Next weekend at Berlin Raceway is the Battle at Berlin 251! The festivities kick off on Friday, June 14 with the CRA JEGS All Stars Tour, Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Models and Engine Pro Super Stocks. Also partaking in the night’s events will be the CRA Super Series final practice to tune their cars in for the Battle at Berlin. Saturday, June 15 is the prestigious Battle at Berlin 251 featuring the CRA Super Series and the Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman. NASCAR Super Star Kasey Kahne will be on hand as the official Grand Marshall and quite possibly the biggest announcement in Berlin Raceway history will be made during this event. Tickets for Friday are $15 for adults 18+, $9 for students 12-17, $5 for kids 8-11 and children 7 and under are free. Tickets for Saturday are $25 for adults 18+, $15 for students 12-17, $5 for kids 8-11 and children 7 and under are free. Two-day packages are also available for the Battle at Berlin. Racing begins at 7:00 p.m. on both nights.

Camping is available on site all season long as well as the Battle at Berlin race weekend. There are limited spaces for electrical and water so act fast as camping spots are first come, first served.

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