Jason Blonde wins Auto Value Super Sprints feature
Seth Moody, Billy Shotko, Brian Tillema and Terry Byrne also victorious

Marne, MI – The fans came out in droves to see the Auto Value Super Sprints made their return to Berlin Raceway; they were treated to exciting racing in all of the divisions. Taking home the checkers were Jason Blonde, Seth Moody, Billy Shotko, Brian Tillema and Terry Byrne.

The Vintage Racing Organization of America hit the track first for a 25-lap feature; #4 Don Smith and #83 Loren Peterson led the field to the green flag. Smith maintained the lead and the cars were just coming up to speed when #4X Arnie Snyder spun off the backstretch and brought out the first caution. On the restart, it was the #82 of Rob Parker who grabbed the lead on the restart, but he was immediately challenged by #74 Steve Fuller who took the lead after a lap. The #43 of Terry Byrne was on the move; he was up to second on lap 5 and was reeling in Fuller. They were side by side on lap 8 and Byrne took the lead on lap 9. Lap 12 saw the second caution of the night when Fuller looped it in turn 4. Byrne got a great restart and the field raced behind him until lap 16 when the caution was out again for Smith. Teammates Byrne and #2 Randy Pierson were running 1-2 after the restart and the there were great battles for position throughout the field, but the pace of the race was halted on lap 18 when #30 Max Wirebaugh went for a ride off of the backstretch. Byrne lead on the restart and the battle was on for second, Pierson had it and #20 Don Deyman was all over him. Deyman took the position with six laps to go and he started to reel in the leader. Deyman caught him with two laps to go, but Byrne was able to hold him off to get the win. Deyman had to settle for second and the rest of the top ten were Fuller, Pierson, #7 Jimmy Lawson, #61 Jason Burrus, R. Parker, #80 Glenn Parker, Smith and Peterson.

The Kerkstra Services Sportsman was up next, #84 Tyler Nawrocki started on the pole of the 25-lap feature with #40 Dave Cutler on his outside. Nawrocki and Cutler were sorting it out for the lead, Cutler dove to the inside on lap two and took the lead on lap 3. While Cutler was pulling away with the lead, behind him, the racing was hard and intense. Lap 8 saw the first caution of the race when #09 Tyler Sterken spun across the frontstretch. Just as the cars were taking the green flag, there was a four-car crash in turn 1 involving #18 Mitch Meppelink, #77 Gerry Shepard, #1 Randy Veldman and #88 Tony Davis. The field raced side by side as soon as the field was restarted; #76 Brian Tillema was looking to get to the front, taking it three wide on two occasions before taking the lead on lap 13. Three laps later, caution was out again for Nawrocki, he spun on the frontstretch. Tillema pulled away again after the field was restarted, but this time, #15 Scott Root was able to break free from the pack and began the process of catching up to him. Meanwhile, the battle for third was heating up with #33 Allen Davis, Cutler and #26 Brian Thome with a handful of laps to go. Tillema took the win and the rest of the top ten were Root, Cutler, A. Davis, Thome, Nawrocki, Meppelink, #51 Greg Jewett, #53 Nick Sherrington and Shepard.

Rolling next were the cars of the Model Coverall Modifieds; #67 Ben Welch and #29 Rob Shoemaker were on the front row for the 30-lap feature. Welch took off with the lead and the field was trying to get settled in to their positions; just after a lap was completed, the #68 of Randy DeBoer spun in turn 2. After the restart, Welch, #7 Ryan Hamm and #66 Adam Chase pulled away from the field and every driver was fighting for position. Chase took the lead on lap 5 as Welch got very sideways coming out of turn 4. The next time by, Welch spun with help from Hamm coming out of turn 4. It was the #22 of Billy Shotko who grabbed the lead on the restart, but before a lap was completed, #29 Rob Shoemaker spun in turn four and after a quick yellow, the race was restarted and Shotko took off. He drove away from the field and they raced single file for a few laps. Lap 12 brought another caution when DeBoer spun on the frontstretch. Shotko was still leading after the restart and #97 Kevin DeGood was moving up, he overtook Chase for second and was working on reeling in the leader. While he was able to close in, there wasn’t enough time. Shotko got the win and the rest of the top nine were DeGood, Chase, #8 Billy Eppink, Welch, DeBoer, Shoemaker, #48 Brandon Wright and Hamm.

It was #20 Dave Hull and #66 Nate Walton on the front row of the Engine Pro Super Stock 30-lap feature and it was Hull who led the first few laps. Walton battled back and took the lead, but #48 Seth Moody was all over him. Moody took the lead on lap 11. The #78 of Will Olmsted was making his way through the field. Olmsted was the fast qualifier and started in the seventh position, he made his was up to second with ten laps to go. The field go spread out and the race went caution free; Moody went on to get the win and the rest of the top ten were Olmsted, Walton, #51 Justin Ryan, #77 Andrew Nylaan, Hull, #18 Denny Anderson, #6 Bob Bliss, #20J Jeremy Munniksma and #51 Weston Jewett.

The final race of the night was the 30-lap Auto Value Super Sprints with #42 Ryan Litt and #10D Troy DeCaire. The leaders got a big jump on the start and the field raced single-file while they were coming up to full speed. Just six laps in to the race, Litt was putting cars a lap down and DeCaire was pushing hard on the low lane trying to get by Litt. He lost some ground, but gathered it back up and took the lead on lap 13. DeCaire proceeded to slice through traffic all while pulling away. Litt was under attack from #7 Geoff Kaiser for second. Litt was able to shake him off and started reeling in DeCaire. With some clear track in sight, Kaiser was able to catch up to the leaders and it was a three-way dance for the lead. Kaiser picked off Litt with five to go and he was trying all he could to get around DeCaire, trying the high side first, then looking low, however DeCaire kept slamming the door. The race was slowed by the first caution with just four laps to go, the #4 of Donnie Adams hit the wall on the frontstretch. The race was restarted and Litt and Kaiser blew by DeCaire; Kaiser led with two laps to go. The caution came out again on lap 28 for the slowing car of DeCaire. The #99 of Jason Blonde was then scored as the leader because both Kaiser and Litt jumped the restart. There was an attempt at a restart, but the #44 of Teddy Alberts came to a stop on the frontstretch, bringing out another caution. With just two laps to go, the race was restarted and Blonde took off, Kaiser followed suit. They were nose to tail as the checkered flag flew and it was Blonde who was victorious. Kaiser finished second and the rest of the top ten were #26 Jeff Bloom, DeCaire, #41 Kevin Feeney, #70 Sondi Eden, #7S Joe Swanson, #26 Bill Tyler, #22 Derek Snyder and #1 Randy Sweet.

Next Saturday, July 28 is 62nd Anniversary Night. The Coors Light Super Late Models will be in action along with the Port City Racecars / GL Helicopter Outlaw Late Models, Engine Pro Super Stocks, Model Coverall Modifieds and Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders. Tickets will be just $12 for adults and kids 11 and under are free; racing starts at 7:00 p.m.









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