Andrew Nylaan, Adam Chase, Brian Tillema, Tim DeVos and Lou Caposey all victorious

Marne, MI – It was another perfect night for racing at Berlin. The weather was pleasant and the racing kept the fans on the edge of their seats.

The Vintage Racing Organization of America kicked things off with a 25-lap feature with #30 Max Wirebaugh and #83 Loren Peterson on the front row. It was the #82 of Rob Parker who led the first lap, but not for long as the #81 of Andrew Bartoszek was quick to challenge and take the lead on lap 2; the field jostled for position behind them. The first caution of the race came on lap 7 when Peterson spun in turn 2. On the restart, #3 Lou Caposey took the lead and lurking behind him were the cars of #20 Don Deyman and #43 Terry Byrne. They both started in the back and had worked their way up to the top five with ten laps to go. Deyman was able to fight his way up to third, but there just wasn’t enough time to get to the leader. Caposey took home the win and the rest of the top ten were #7 Jimmy Lawson, Deyman, Bartoszek, Byrne, Parker, #59 John Evans, #61 Jason Burrus, #55 Jeff Barsen and #2x Tom Boorsma.

The Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders were next; #18 Chris McKinley and #72 Steven Holtzlander were on the front row of the 15-lap feature. Holtzlander took off with the lead and behind him, there was a frenzy, every car racing for position. The fast qualifier #14 Tim DeVos started in the back and had rocketed his way up to second by lap 3; he took the lead from Holtzlander on lap 4. The #76 of Mike Speet was swiftly moving up as well, battling #89 Sierra Lantz for second. Speet took the position on lap 6 and was working on reeling in the lead with 9 laps to go. DeVos’ lead was erased on lap 6 when the caution came out for Lantz who spun and went off of the backstretch. From the drop of the green on the restart, Speet was all over DeVos for the lead, doing everything he could to keep pace with the leader, but with four to go, Speet was off the pace and retired to the pits. With the closest completion some seven seconds behind him, DeVos was able to drive it to victory lane. #62 Charlie DeJong, #11X Jason Essex, #9 Zach Clark, #17 Seth VanHorssen, #72 Clayton Stressman, Lantz, #20 Jackson Walker, McKinley and #75 Dan Ream completed the top ten.

Up next were the Model Coverall Modifieds for a 20-lap feature, #29 Rob Shoemaker was on the pole with #67 Ben Welch on the outside. They were three-wide from the start with Welch on the inside, #68 Randy DeBoer on the inside and Shoemaker in the middle. As Shoemaker dropped back, still making the field three-wide all before a lap was complete. Welch continued to lead as #97 Kevin DeGood was challenging #66 Adam Chase for second behind him. Lap 6 saw the first caution of the night when that battle for second went bad; DeGood ended up going off the backstretch and in to the foam. The race was then red-flagged for clean up and it was reported that DeGood was OK. As the race was restarted, Shoemaker smacked the wall coming out of turn 4 causing the yellow to come out again. Chase took the lead on the restart and Welch was trying to hold off a hard-charging #22 Billy Shotko for second. Shotko took the position with four laps to go, but there was not enough time to catch Chase. Chase took the win and the rest of the rest of the finishing order was Shotko, Welch, DeBoer, Eppink, DeGood and Shoemaker.

The Engine Pro Super Stocks were next for a 50-lap feature, #18 Denny Anderson and #6 Bob Bliss led the field to the green flag. Anderson got a good jump from the drop of the flag and took off with the lead, the top three were single-file and the field was two by two behind them. The #55 of Dave Lake got by Bliss for second and #51 Justin Ryan was working over #16 Josh Slade and then Bliss. After he got by them both, he began chasing down Lake. Fifteen laps in, the field settled down as they had 35 more laps to run. On lap 23, Ryan was up to second and all over Anderson for the lead with Slade right behind them. Lap 25 saw the first caution of the race when Ryan spun in turn 2 and collected the #66 of Nate Walton. Anderson picked the outside lane for the restart and he took off like a shot, leaving Slade to fight off #77 Andrew Nylaan for second. It didn’t take long for the caution to come out again, this time it was for the #88 of Trever McCoy spinning in turn three. Anderson took off again on the restart and after Slade got shuffled back, it was #77 Andrew Nylaan giving chase to Anderson. As they raced side by side, the #20J of Jeremy Munniksma was sitting in third was waiting to see which car to follow. Nylaan took the lead on lap 32 and Munniksma followed him through on the inside, taking second from Anderson. With ten lap to go, Nylaan was pulling away from Munniksma and he pulled it in to Victory Lane. Munniksma came home in second and the rest of the top ten were Anderson, #78 Will Olmsted, Lake, Slade, #48 Seth Moody, #781 Tim DeVos, #51 Weston Jewett and Ryan.

The Kerkstra Services Sportsman were the final feature of the night, they also had 50-laps on the schedule ad #26 Brian Thome and #77 Gerry Shepard were on the front row. Thome took off with the lead, #23 Andrew MacIntosh was in second and #83 Tyler Nawrocki rode in third and the field was side by side behind them. As the middle of the pack was still racing hard, the racing was fairly clean. Lap 8 saw the first caution of the race when #18 Mitch Meppelink slapped the wall coming out of turn 4 and drifted down in front of the field. The field was restarted and while MacIntosh grabbed the lead, the caution came out before a lap was complete when #09 Tyler Sterken looped it between turns 3 and 4. MacIntosh led after the restart, but Thome was quick to take it back the next time by. Before the cars could get wound up again, the caution was back out; the #1 of Randy Veldman had a tire down in turn 4. Thome continued to lead as MacIntosh was trying to hold off #15 Scott Root and #76 Brian Tillema. The both got past MacIntosh and were battling for second when Veldman brought out the fourth caution when he lost another tire. Root would restart on the outside of Thome and he proceeded to take the lead, but it didn’t take long for #76 Brian Tillema to challenge him and take the lead on lap 18. Tillema then pulled away from the field and Root fell in to the clutches of #33 Allen Davis who took second on lap 23. Lap 32 saw the fifth caution when Sterken spun in turn 4. Tillema got a good jump on Thome, he pulled out to a 2-second lead and A. Davis rode in second. With ten laps to go, the #77 of Gerry Shepard passed A. Davis for second and Thome followed in his tracks, but Shepard had over four seconds to make up in just eight laps. The caution with two to go was just what Shepard needed; #89 Kirk Meissner and #7 Mike Speet spun between turns 3 and 4. Tillema got another good restart and went on to get the win. The rest of the top ten were Shepard, A. Davis, Thome, #40 Dave Cutler, Root, #51 Greg Jewett, #17 Jared Miller, Nawrocki and Speet.

Next Saturday, August 25 is the Engine Pro Open Wheel Show Down featuring the ISMA Super Modifieds, the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series, the Port City Racecars / GL Helicopter Outlaw Late Models and the Engine Pro Super Stocks. There will also be a pre-race autograph session. Tickets are $22 for adults, kids 11 and under are free and racing starts at 7:00 p.m.














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