Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt debut at Berlin Raceway
-Bill Krupp, Josh Frye, Robbie Sternberg, Brian Ruhlman, and Dustin Daggett all victorious -

Marne, MI – It was the final event of the 2013 season at Berlin Raceway and some argue that the best was saved for last. The Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt series rolled in to town with 27 cars and they were joined by the Modifieds, Street Stocks, Bombers and 4-Cylinders. All of the classes provided phenomenal racing to cap off the season.

The night started with the Street Stocks and #64 William Brandt on the pole for the 20-lap feature. Brandt was immediately challenged and passed by #111 Ted Cooper and just after they competed the first lap, the caution was out for the #47 of Don McNabb. Cooper held the lead after the restart and The car to watch was the #44 of Josh Frye who had won every Street Stock race at Berlin this season; he was challenging the #35 of Dan Dykman for third on lap 5. Lap 8 saw a pass for the lead when Dykman drove around Cooper and hot on his tail was #00 Marty French and Frye. Frye got by French and they were still all over Dykman for the lead. Lap 12 saw the second caution of the race for Brandt. Dykman continued to lead after the restart, but not by much as Frye was pulling out all of the stops to take the lead. Frye took the lead with 5 laps to go and he went on to get the win and the Street Stock Championship. The rest of the top 5 were French, Dykman, #13 Derek Poland and Cooper.

The Sprints on Dirt were up next for 30-laps with #49 Shawn Dancer on the point. It didn’t take long for the first caution of this race to come out, it was for the #25K of Ken Mackey on lap 1. Dancer was flat out from the drop of the green flag, gaining a second on the field within two laps. By lap 6, Dancer was already in traffic, putting cars a lap down. The #3G of Shane Stewart grabbed the lead on lap 8 from Dancer while in traffic and it appeared that Stewart was having a better time at negotiating traffic. As soon as the leaders were out of traffic, the #2M of Dustin Daggett wasted no time reeling in Stewart. Daggett took the lead on the outside with 9 laps to go. It was the #16 of Ryan Ruhl who brought out the second caution with just 4 laps to go when he spun in turn 4. The remaining for laps went by in a flash and it was Daggett running away with the victory. The rest of the top 5 were Stewart, #W20 Greg Wilson, #9W Lucas Wolf and Dancer.

The Modifieds rolled next with a 30-lap feature, #111 Curt Spalding would be pacing the field. He had no trouble staying out front as the field raced behind him. The #87 of David Mielke was up to second followed by the #49 of Brian Ruhlman. Ruhlman took second from Mielke and was slowing reeling in Spalding whose machine was smoking on lap 10. As he slowed, Ruhlman grabbed the lead and then the caution came out for the #1S of Andy Sprague. On the restart, the #82 of Jacob Poel was in second and challenging Ruhlman for the lead, but Ruhlman was able to pull away from him as the race progressed. With 10 laps to go, the leaders were in traffic and Ruhlman was able to extend his lead over Poel. With 4 laps to go, the yellow was out when the #47 Collin Thirlby spun. This set up a 4-lap shootout to decide the winner. Poel gave it a good shot on the restart, but Ruhlman was pulling away once they hit the backstretch. Another quick caution came out of the #1E of Jeffery Erickson spun on the backstretch. The final three laps were clean and Ruhlman went on the get the win. The rest of the top five were Poel, #2k Aaron Morey, Mielke, and #20W Brad Wilson; Poel was crowned as the champion.

Up next were the Bombers, #G5 Josh Grabe was on the pole for the 15-lap feature. It was #67 Ben Welch rocketing to the lead once the green flag was flying, however the field only made it to lap 3 before the caution was out; the #05 Ryan Haskett went off of the backstretch. As soon as the green flag was back out, it was game on; Grabe, #73 Robbie Sternberg and #83 Josh Sternberg went three wide on the backstretch and their battle for second let Welch sneak father away with the lead. R. Sternberg was the first to break out of and he was clicking off consistent laps, reeling in Welch with 5 to go. With 3 laps to go, Sternberg used a Haskett as a pick and was able to pass Welch for the lead. Sternberg was able to hold on a get the win; Welch finished second and the rest of the top 5 were J. Sternberg, Grabe and #15 Nate Triick.

The 4-Cylinders were the last race of the night; #11 Bob Kary would lead the field to the green flag of the 10-lap feature, but it would be #28 Wade Potter who would lead the first lap. Potter’s lead was short lived as the #14 of Bill Krupp was lurking behind him and took the lead on lap 2. Krupp’s closest competition was #74 Paul Namey who was a second behind him with 3 laps to go. With the race going caution-free, no one was able to catch Krupp. He took the win by 1.985 seconds and the rest of the top five were Namey, Potter, #17 Ryan Hamm and #02 Christian Wynbelt.

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