A. 4" minimum frame height.
B. Stock frame may be used (must be symmetrical and must be "X"). GM frames and front subs only.
C. Manufactured frames:
1. Will allow manufactured front and rear subs: Howe # 358-8-01, PCC # 610-2-205E-2 Front (also available through other suppliers)..
D. Main frame rails on fabricated frame must be:
1. 2" x 3" rectangular tubing.
2. Minimum 58" outside to outside width.
E. Maximum 1" offset of sub frames at front; no offset at rear. Must be square and centered to main cage and frame section equal distance.
F. 108" minimum wheel base.
G. 80" maximum track width (measured from outside sidewall to outside sidewall) . This is measured at the bottom part of the tires sidewall.
H. Only 1 shock per wheel
I. Min 5” OD Springs
J.2750 lbs BASE WEIGHT 60% Left side weight, before and after the race (car and driver)
-Offset Straight Rail Frame w/ Strut Type Front end w/ min wheel base of 102”: Add 50 lbs, 1% Left Side weight reduction
A. Four post cage with minimum four left / plated door bars Minimum 1.75” OD .90 Round Tube, minimum one horizontal right door bar built out of minimum 1.5", .083 tubing.
B. Four posts of roll cage must mount in center of frame rails, front to rear and side to side. No offsets or angles.
C. Foot box for driver's floor/Pedal area 10 gauge or 1/8" minimum. (Foot box bar MANDATORY)

A. Steering Box or Rack & Pinion
B. After market lower control arms are allowed; must remain stock configuration. Must be of same manufacturer, car model, and length on both left and right side.
C. No torsion types sway bars.
D. May use any spindle NO ALUMINUM MATERIALS.
E. Any steel or aluminum safety hub
F. Shocks:
1. No driver-adjustable (no lines or reservoirs).
2. No air shocks.
3.Coil overs allowed on Strut type front end only.
A. Quick-change or floater (Ford 9”) rear-ends are allowed
B. No aluminum tubes.
1. Coil Overs are allowed

A. AR Muscle Body (Camaro/Mustang/Dodge) Required. All AR Muscle Body Rules Apply. 6 ½” Spoiler 1. Exception: ABC Body w/ 6 1/2” “Spoiler: 1% left side weight reduction, Add 50lbs
B. No ground suckers/bottom suckers allowed, air must come through lower grill area
A. The floor of the driver's compartment must be constructed with a minimum of 1/8" steel from firewall to behind driver's seat.
B. Behind driver's seat, from the floor to the back deck will be 22 gauge steel.
C. All interior panels immediately surrounding the driver must be steel.

A. American made V8 engines only.
B. Cast iron blocks only. (Alum. Heads are legal. Add 25lbs)
C. Aluminum intake optional.
D. One four barrel carburetor.
E. Engine location: #1 spark plug 2” set back from a centerline between upper ball joints.
F. No electric fuel pumps..
G. No dry sump oiling systems.
H. Fuel cells mandatory.
1. 8" minimum ground clearance at any point.
2. Must have metal container, four straps are recommended over the top of fuel cell.
3. Must have fuel cell guard.
4. Fuel cell must be securely mounted in back of rear axle housing, BETWEEN FRAME RAILS, BETWEEN REAR TIRES and adequately protected from behind and below by 1 1/4" o.d. by .090 wall tubing or better.
A. All measurements and heights will be done with driver out of car.
B.10" maximum wheel width, steel wheels made for racing only.
C. TIRE RULE: 1. Up to two tires may be purchased at the track each race date (four tires may be purchased on the first race date of the season). (Subject to change per special events)
D. Officials may change any rule in the interest of fairness and or safety at any time and all decisions are final!

E: Super Stock tires for 2015 are the 970*
A. Driver must be able to enter / exit both doors through window openings. No add-ons or filler pieces of any kind except for vent window, which must be no more than 6".
B. On-board fire suppression system with minimum 5 pound extinguisher is recommended. 5 pound fire extinguisher mounted in car is required.
fire suppression system with minimum 5 pound extinguisher.

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